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Eager Beavers Property Group 

Eager Beavers Property Group is a full service residential renovation construction company that provides services such as plumbing, insulation, painting, roofing, flooring, garage door installation, pressure washing, window replacement, and counter top replacement, among others. Eager Beavers Property Group lives by its motto: Providing a quality end product where there is 100% customer satisfaction.



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 Phone: 404-808-7385

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Cartwright's Popcorn


Cartwright's Popcorn is a gourmet popcorn business that provides 12 different flavors of popcorn, some of which include cinnamon toast, dill pickle, Cajun, and many others. Cartwright's popcorn is popped fresh weekly and each flavor can be purchased in two different retail sizes at local gift shops in Cobb County.Some of the top flavors include Buffalo Ranch, Salt and Vinegar and White Cheddar. To find Cartwright's popcorn, check out their website below!


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Upcoming Programs & Events

Plan for Profit-Financial Planning

Plan for Profit Financial Planning 

(Clients: $75 - $150 / Non-Clients: $250)


The financial planning module is designed to establish a forecast of future financial results that will determine the course of action the business will take to maximize resources for financial effectiveness. Fundamental for understanding cash flow, profit and loss, financial planning is essential for building revenues and managing costs. Efficient financial management allows businesses to successfully plan for growth and development. Clients may choose to take this class outside of the Plan for Profit track and become “Edge Certified in Financial Planning.” (4 consecutive weeks / Mon & Wed / 3 hour class time)

"Go Viral" Workshop

It’s all about getting social with your media! Social media plays a vital role in establishing a very strong business in today’s mar- ket place. The Edge Connection’s “Go Viral” class helps clients establish a social media initiative to ensure their competitiveness by taking full advantage of all the benefits social media has to offer. Participants will learn how to make the most out of the time, energy, and money they spend on social media. Participants will leave the class with social media profiles as well as a targeted strategy to reach key demographics.This FREE three-hour course is a basic introduction to the world of social media.  In this class, participants will build and develop their social media profiles and learn basic tips and tricks to streamline their social media experience.  
This is a FREE workshop, however, advance registration is REQUIRED. 

Woman-Owned Small Business Certification Workshop

Cost: $15 (includes lunch) Charlotte Johnson of the Small Business Administration (SBA) will be joining us to guide participants through the process of self-certifying as a Woman-Owned Small Business. Join us and ask all your questions about the process of self-certifying and pick up some tips and tricks from someone who knows the system well!